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    A biohazard typically contains a biological or chemical contaminant that poses a serious threat to your health—not to mention the safety of your property. Due to this, it’s vitally important that you do not try to clean up or remove any biohazardous materials yourself. Instead, turn to the experts at Restore Tactics Inc. Since 1986, we’ve been providing high-quality biohazard cleanup in Sylmar to help keep residential and commercial properties clean and safe to occupy. Because we know how dangerous exposure to such contaminants is, we are available 24/7. When you work with us, you can count on excellent results and guaranteed satisfaction.

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    Common Causes of the Presence of Biohazards

    At Restore Tactics Inc., we primarily deal with plumbing problems and restoring properties post disasters. A majority of our biohazard removal calls are to assist customers who are dealing with sewage backup. Now, more than ever, people are flushing items other than human excrement and toilet paper, which is causing drains to clog and sewage to overflow back into homes and commercial properties. However, sewage contains extremely toxic substances and it needs to be safely removed by professionals. Our Sylmar biohazard cleanup specialists have over 30 years of experience and are committed to keeping you safe and healthy.

    One other common cause of the presence of biohazardous substances is flooding or water damage. Often, these leave mold residue in their wake and it is important that you do not try to remove it yourself. Exposure to mold can result in significant respiratory and sinus problems. At Restore Tactics Inc., we arrive in the proper uniforms and with fully stocked trucks so we can get the job done efficiently and safely.

    In addition to sewage backup and mold, we are also capable of cleaning the following biohazards:

    • Bloodborne pathogens
    • Animal waste
    • Chemical spills
    • Hoarding sites
    • Sharps, including needles, IV tubing, scalpels, and other medical equipment
    • Anatomical waste—tissues, organs
    • Bodily fluids
    • Mildew infestations

    The Health & Safety Effects of Biohazards

    Many people have seen or noticed the red containers, commonly found in medical facilities, used to dispose of sharps or other biohazardous materials. However, these are not the only locations where biohazards can be found. In fact, you are just as likely to encounter a biohazardous substance in your day-to-day life than you are in a medical setting.

    Prolonged exposure to biohazard can result in:

    • Significant respiratory conditions due to inhaling contaminants
    • Chemical burns
    • Possible exposure to serious diseases found in bloodborne pathogens or other bodily fluids, such as HIV/AIDS, MRSA, E. coli, tetanus, sexually transmitted infections, and Hepatitis B and C

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    At Restore Tactics Inc., we’re committed to forming life long partnerships with our customers. We are dedicated to working tirelessly to solve any problem, regardless of its size. When you need expert-level work at an affordable price, we’re the company to call.

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