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You love your home in Tujunga. After all, where else can compete with the temperate climate, access to opportunities, or friendly people that live here? The plumbers at Restore Tactics Inc. also love living and working here, and we take pride in offering superb plumbing services to our neighbors and fellow community members. From drain cleaning to water heater installation to full-blown plumbing remodels and renovations, we can handle all of your residential plumbing needs with efficiency, courtesy, and pricing you’ll be happy with.

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Our Commercial Plumbing Team

Homeowners in Tujunga aren’t the only locals we’re happy to serve. We also do a lot of work for businesses in the area and have a tremendous track record of success and return business from our commercial plumbing services. You can rest easy knowing that your business is in the hands of plumbers who care when you choose Restore Tactics Inc. as your commercial plumber.

Drain Cleaning & Repair

From sink drains to shower drains to industrial basin drains, you need the plumbing systems in your home or business that were designed to carry water away to work the way they are supposed to. When your drains aren’t working properly, the smell, sound, and inconvenience of it can drive you crazy. Get the quick help that is guaranteed to work from Tujunga’s trusted drain cleaning experts at Restore Tactics Inc. We’ve been serving local residents and businesses for over 30 years.

Leak Detection

Using acoustic leak detection equipment with pinpoint accuracy, the plumbers at Restore Tactics Inc. can quickly and accurately locate the exact location of leaks in your home or business. Not all plumbers are prepared to tackle your leak detection and repair job correctly the first time due to a lack of the right equipment and training. Avoid delays and ballooning costs by choosing our team for your leak detection problems from the get-go.

Slab Leak Repair

When the leak turns out to be hiding underneath a solid slab of concrete in your garage, sidewalk, or industrial room, the fix gets even trickier. Restore Tactics Inc. can quickly identify the location of your leak and determine whether repiping, rerouting the pipes, or relining the pipes is the right course of action for your problem and budget. When you have a potential slab leak in Tujunga, work with the reliable plumbing services providers that give you transparent options. Work with Restore Tactics Inc.

Trenchless Sewer Services

When it comes to fixing damage to the sewer line that runs from your home or business, you need a team of plumbers that can deploy trenchless sewer repair and replacement technology. Going with the other guys will cost you more and inevitably leave you with a messy excavation which you are often left to deal with on your own. If that isn’t enough reason to choose Restore Tactics Inc., then remember that we’re also customer service focused, family owned and operated, and we guarantee high-quality results.

Tujunga Water Damage Restoration

If you have become the victim of water damage at your home or place of business due to flooding or leaking pipes, you are probably angry, stressed, and confused about what steps to take. Don’t worry, Restore Tactics Inc. is here to help. Our compassionate plumbers know how to prioritize your repairs so that further water damage stops occurring. We then attack cleaning, drying, and restoring your property to a like-new state. Let us help when you need it most.

Pipe Repair & Replacement

Repiping your home or business may not be at the top of your wishlist of things to do this year, but it might be necessary. If you require the services of a local professional plumbing team to repipe your Tujunga home or business, then pick a plumbing company that has over 30 years of experience and who can save you money. Restore Tactics Inc. offers $100 off any job of $500 or more.

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Knock, knock. It’s not a joke — it’s the sound of your old, failing water heater. When your water heating unit starts making odd noises, producing bad-smelling water, or just plain doesn’t hold up to a hot shower longer than five minutes, it’s time to contact Restore Tactics Inc. about a replacement or a repair. We install and repair all kinds of water heaters and can provide the right recommendation for your home, budget, and needs.

Looking Forward to Serving You

For these and all your other Tujunga plumbing services, choose the team that wants to earn your lifelong business — choose Restore Tactics Inc. We promise courteous, effective services at prices you won’t commonly find.

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