Reasons to Invest in a Water Treatment System

Unless you obtain your water supply from a well, all water that is pumped into your household is put through a municipal water treatment facility initially. This treatment process removes plenty of harmful pollutants that are frequently found in your water supply.

However, no city water treatment system is completely effective. Harmful contaminants will always be present in your water supply. If you want more protection against these contaminants, think about installing a water treatment system.

Common contaminants include:

  1. Cyanide
  2. Lead
  3. Arsenic
  4. Aluminum
  5. Cadmium
  6. Copper
  7. Chloramine
  8. Ammonia
  9. Silver
  10. Uranium
  11. Radium
  12. Mercury
  13. Nitrates and nitrites
  14. Bacteria and viruses

There are various types of water treatment systems you can install in your home, each capable of removing a variety of contaminants. For example, reverse osmosis systems use ultrathin membranes to strain all water which flows into the plumbing system. While water molecules are tiny enough to pass through the membranes and into your house, larger particles are blocked by the membranes.

Water softeners are designed to remove the minerals which cause lime scale (due to hard water). They replace the calcium and magnesium molecules in the water supply with sodium, which softens the water and protects your hold from lime scale buildup.

If you are skeptical about what water treatment system is best for your home, contact Duran & Sons Universal Plumbing & Rooter and schedule an appointment with our licensed San Fernando Valley plumbers.